5 Stressful Life Events and How to Face Them

5 Stressful Life Events and How to Face Them

Stressful Job

Though life is a wonderful and beautiful gift, there are times when it doesn’t always feel that way. Inevitably, we all fall on hard times and find ourselves wondering what we are going to do next. Life is filled with moments where things don’t go as planned. In this article, we wanted to discuss a few stressful situations that most people encounter as a gentle reminder that we all face hard times, and with the right steps, we will inevitably find our way through them.

The Loss of a Job

For most people, losing a job is a life-changing event. Whether it is losing a career that you were passionate about or simply the shock of the news, pretty much everyone experiences the loss of a job as a significant blow. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your job loss, you might be more or less prepared for it, but that doesn’t change the fact that losing your job is a major change to your lifestyle and comfort. You might find yourself experiencing financial strain or even questioning your value. 

loss of job stress
loss of job stress

The first step to overcoming a job loss is acceptance. Allow yourself to take the time to truly grieve the loss and come to terms with it. You are experiencing a significant life moment that will change the face of your future. It is okay to be stressed and feel uncertain. Give yourself time to grieve your loss, and start looking for the next chapter in your life.

A Career Change

Even if it’s a good switch, changing careers can also bring about a lot of stress. Whether you are accepting a new position, switching industries, or even opening your own business, a new job means a lot of additional work. It means meeting new people, learning new faces, taking in a lot of new information, and a change in your routine. You might find yourself feeling confused or overwhelmed. This is completely normal, but it can bring on a lot of stress as you work to rise to the occasion.

When it comes to managing a career change, stress management is crucial. As long as you can keep a cool head most of the time, you will be able to take things one step at a time and manage them as they come. Be patient with yourself and remember that you are managing a lot. Do what you can to keep a calm head and within a few months, you will wonder why you didn’t change jobs sooner!

Stressful relationship
Stressful relationship

Managing a Move

If there is one life change that comes with more stress than anyone counts on, it is moving. When you move, whether it is to a new apartment, a new house, or even to a new state or country, you will face a lot of challenges. It is a change that comes with a lot of planning, a lot of physical work, and even some grieving. You might miss your old home or worry about your new one. Treasured items might get lost or broken. The fact is that moving is just plain difficult.

Managing yourself during a moving period involves some serious stress management. Since moves require so much coordination and effort, you will always find yourself wondering if you will ever truly be packed or unpacked. Try to use your favorite stress reduction methods to lighten the burden and remember that moving is a hassle for everyone, but it will be worth it when everything is said and done.

The Loss of a Loved One

Loss is a common part of life, but no matter how common it is, it will always hit hard. Losing someone close to you is a difficult part of life, and the circumstances surrounding it can determine just how much stress comes with it. After a death, there will always be a period of pain and grieving. This can cause you to feel distracted, uncertain, and make it difficult for you to continue with business as usual. For some people, this can influence their relationships or even jobs.

When you lose a primary member of your household, the situation can be that much more stressful. There is a funeral to plan, an estate to manage, and sharing the news all while trying to grieve in your own way. Losing a spouse can be even more devastating by forcing you to deal with the other potential implications, including potential financial loss, all while grappling with the loss of your loved one and primary support system. 

Everyone copes with loss in their own way, and sometimes it can feel like you simply can’t move past it, as if doing so would belittle the contribution that person made to your life. When it comes to working through a loss, all you can do is allow yourself to mourn, do what you absolutely must, and give it time.

A Separation or Divorce

When you get married, there are certain expectations that you have for how it will turn out. No one gets married planning for a divorce, but the divorce rate in pretty much every country is high enough to tell us that it is always a possible outcome. Separations and divorces can occur for a variety of reasons, but the fact remains that they are always awful to deal with. There are finances, household items, and sometimes children or pets to manage, making it quite an emotional burden.

stressful divorce
stressful divorce

Moving past a separation can take some time. Depending on why the divorce occurred, chances are that you will be coming to terms with a lot. It is a time period where you must learn to be on your own again and define yourself by those terms. Be patient and kind with yourself, and remember that you are going through a lot when the everyday things feel like too much to manage.


No matter where life takes you, you will eventually find yourself facing a stressful event, and that is okay. We all go through hard times. We all feel overwhelmed. We all face situations that simply seem too big for us to handle, but at the end of the day, we push through it and life works out. Through the good and the bad, the best thing that you can do is work to manage your stress.