How To Deal With Stress-Related Anxiety From Raising Young Children

How To Deal With Stress-Related Anxiety From Raising Young Children

Parenting Stress

Stress from raising your children is one is the many aspects that you, as a parent, have to deal with. Remember that rush of oxytocin when you first held your child after spending hours in labor; the instant bond that you developed when you first held your little one close to your chest and that warmth of welcoming him with joy and happiness. The package also demands you to be more patient and calmer as the little ones ultimately start growing up and causing you trouble. You begin staying up late at night thinking about what else you could have done to get different results.

parenting Anxiety
parenting Anxiety

You begin to question your parenting skills. But let me tell you one thing, they are children. They are like flowers that you have to water for making them bloom and spread colors. There is no point panicking and stressing over their behavior as their behavior changes with every passing day. One day they act rudely and badly in front of the guests after you lectured them for hours to ‘behave,’ the very next moment they are like the most civilized children ever. It’s all part of them growing up.

Here are a few tips that you can follow in dealing with the stress from raising your children:

Start connecting with them

Children offer to gather rude and uncivilized behavior from keeping things to themselves. The feeling of having no one to share stuff with and talk to can pile up feelings of anger and sadness in them. The angrier your child acts, the more stressed you become. But the instant solution is to connect with them. You have to keep your busy schedule off the table and start spending more time with your little one. Start discussing their day at school or talk about what they learned there. Make your child feel that parents are the best of friends anyone can have, and you will be surprised to see the results.

Redirect your and your children’s energy

Another way to deal with the stress of raising a child is to engage yourself in redirecting your child’s energy in doing something productive. Instead of just leaving your child to be on his own, help him paint or draw. Arts and crafts are a great way of redirecting negative energy into a positive one. You can also ask your child to assist you in doing household chores such as cooking washing dishes, laundry, or even gardening. It’s a great way to keep your child away from the negativity, but it’s also an excellent way for you to cope with the stress that keeps you stay up at night.

Try not to bring your work stress at home 

If something at work stresses you and provoke your anxiety, try to leave it in your office on your way back home. Children are sensitive creatures. They can sense the negative energy. Give yourself a reason to be happy about returning home, be it a hug from your little one or a family dinner every night. Family moments can be a great stress reliever.

Support from fellow parents

Talking about the things that stress you to your fellow parents will do wonders for relieving your stress. You will get to know that every child goes through different phases while growing up. Not only will the talks help you understand your child, but it will also make you prepared for how you have to act with your child under different situations and keep the stress levels to the minimum.

Stress in Children
Stress in Children

Ask for backup when required

Another mighty cause of stress is trying to become a supermom and a role model for your child. It’s okay to make mistakes sometimes. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. It’s okay to ask for help from your family or your spouse. It’s okay not to be perfect always. Your mother will give you great parenting tips, and your spouse will help you to deal with your child’s behavior or whatever that you are stressing about.

Stay healthy

The key to a well-balanced life is healthy eating habits. Fight that stress with those green vegetables and fresh fruits. Cut off junk foods. It has been proved medically that junk food and unhealthy dietary habits cause a hormonal imbalance, which can ultimately lead to stress. You will be stressed about small things that, to a healthy person, are of least importance. Deal with your hormonal imbalance by shifting to greens and proteins.

The morning routine of catharsis

Morning yoga or exercise is yet another way of dealing with everyday stress-related anxiety. You can even ask your child to accompany you. Exercise and yoga cause the release of serotonin and endorphins to make you feel more relaxed and better mood. These hormones will give you a boost every morning and help you fight off that stress-causing factors, ultimately helping you develop patience and calm.

Date Night Stress Relief
Date Night Stress Relief

Date nights

Looking after and providing for your child doesn’t mean you have to neglect that chemistry that you have with your partner. Go to a spa. Bring a change in your looks, doll up for your husband, put on what your spouse wants you to wear. Have a romantic candlelight dinner with your partner and voila! More breaks, less stress!


Just keep reminding yourself that this phase will eventually go away. Keep breathing and keep relaxing. Take breaks from the routine. Make time and room for yourself. You deserve to be taken care of as much as your child does. The healthier and stress-free you are, the more efficiently you can perform the tedious task of nurturing you, children. Don’t let your stress take hold of you, and don’t allow it to ruin your perfect family moments for you. Stay strong and stay positive, and you will be surprised to see how beautifully your children have bloomed and adjusted into their garden of life!