How To Manage Stress During COVID-19

How To Manage Stress During COVID-19

Stress from Work

No matter what your situation is, COVID-19 is a stressful development for all of us. The very state of the world has changed, and the rhythm by which we live our lives has gone with it. Even something as simple as growing to pick up groceries has gone from being a normal errand to a confusing, frustrating, and potentially dangerous experience. If you are starting to feel stressed out by this entire ordeal, the good and bad news is that you aren’t alone. This is why we wanted to bring together a few ways for you to manage your stress levels during the ongoing pandemic.

Download One of Many Available Meditation Apps

Meditation apps are all the rage these days and there are plenty of new ones popping up all the time. Though this might seem like a bit much, it’s actually pretty lucky. Meditation is a great way to lower stress levels and all-around improve your mental health. There are many different apps available and each one has its own style, so if you find one app that doesn’t work for you, there is a good chance that there are others that will instead.

Shop Online

Right now, shopping is one of the most stressful things that you can do out there. Even though the stores are getting more stock, it still comes with some issues. There are long lines due to social distancing and there is also the risk of coming in contact with the virus. Fortunately, online shopping offers you an easy way to get what you need without the risk.

Stessed out at work
Stessed out at work


Try Out Some Cleansing Breaths

Breathing is one of the single easiest and most effective things that you can do for your mental health. It is a great way to immediately lower your stress levels after a bad situation, and if you make a habit out of it, you can lower your stress levels consistently with daily practice. You might think that you’re breathing plenty, but taking deep cleansing breaths is completely different. Take some time to really focus on keeping your breathing nice, even, and slow. It signals to your brain that you are okay and will make you feel better.

Get Plenty of Sunlight

Sunlight is incredibly important for your body’s health in general, but it plays a huge part in the health of your mind. When you don’t get enough, it is common for you to feel sad or more stressed out. During Coronavirus times, this can feel a little more difficult since you are supposed to be staying inside. Fortunately, you can still get sunlight and stay safe with the right approach. Whether it is sitting on a balcony or porch, or even going out for a nice stroll, you can get some sunlight and boost your mood. Even a short socially distant walk can influence your mental health for the better.

Make A New Routine
Most of us don’t realize how badly we need our routines until they are gone. A lot of the time, when we lose this element, it is easy to feel lost and out of focus. Sure, you might be working from home, but it doesn’t really feel like work, right? For most of us, this is very draining and can make us stress over every little thing. Making yourself a new routine is an effective way to combat this. Instead of simply focusing on doing whatever needs to be done, make yourself a nifty new schedule to follow at home. It will give you a much-needed sense of control.

Stress from Bills
Stress from Bills

Use Technology To Stay Connected
Just because you can’t go outside, it doesn’t mean that you can’t spend your time with friends and family. Using your cellphone, you can easily stay in touch with anyone and everyone so that you can still get that feel-good feeling. It might not be the same, but it is a great way to keep that powerful human connection and remind yourself that you are not alone.

Plan For The Future
For some, this might seem a bit difficult. How are you supposed to plan for the future when you don’t know what it looks like? You don’t need to make a concrete plan. If anything, you just need to focus on continuing to make plans and thinking about the future. Right now, it might not feel like this new world will go back to the one we know and love, but eventually, it will. Don’t limit your thinking or cage yourself in. Remember that this is temporary and you will get a chance to live freely once again.

Stop Scrolling Through Social Media
A lot of us are using social media as a substitute for the real world right now. It’s where we hang out, how we spend our time, and how we connect with others. Though these are objectively good things, social media is also filled with a lot of toxicity. It is easy to get caught up in an endless list of bad news and traumatic events. As important as it is to be aware of the world, it is also important to take some time away from it and remind yourself of the good.

Embrace Good Things
When you’re spending your days locked inside, it can be pretty easy to get caught up focusing on the bad. Most of us are used to having distractions and when we don’t have those, it gets easy to let our minds wander in the worst possible way. Make sure that you take time to focus on the good and do things that make you happy. This is important for your mental health in general, but even more important given the state of the world.


COVID-19 has changed the world for the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean that we have to change everything. Remember that, even as you sit in your home for the fourth month in a row, things will get better. The world might be a little different, but the people within it are just as driven and just as good. Take time to care for yourself so that you can keep your stress levels low and before you know it, this will all be a memory!